Six Pack Logo Steven Adams' Six Pack Companies have been dissolved effective August 10th, 2009

The following table is intended to provide up to date operating status and contact information on the former Six Pack Companies. Six Pack Designs (formerly SCA Designs) is the nominal successor to the Six Pack Companies and can be contacted directly if you are unable to find information you need below.

SCA Designs

SCA Designs has been officially renamed Six Pack Designs. It continues to operate under CEO Steven Adams and is headquartered in the former Six Pack Companies office space in Escondido, CA. Manufacturing has moved to a new facility in Mexicali, BC under VP of Manufacturing Carmen Rodriguez.

Contact: Six Pack Designs (website)
No Longer Operational

BrainWorks ceased operations on July 24th, 2009. Because of our ongoing relationship with Stanford University's SINTN, the majority of BrainWorks researchers have joined the SINTN faculty/staff and have relocated to Palo Alto or Monterey Bay. The lab facilities in Escondido have been closed and most equipment transferred to SINTN for continuation of research. Some patents have nominally been retained by Six Pack Designs, as successor. Others have been transferred and/or sold. For full details, contact us.

Contact: Patents Six Pack Designs (website)
Contact: Ongoing research SINTN (website)
Loudoun Virginia Internet Services
Operational (Reorganized)

LVIS was taken over by former Six Pack Companies COO Jacob Troyer and continued to operate colocation and business internet services in the Washington DC area. In addition, LVIS picked up a small segment of the former Interweb Illinois datacenter and most of the customer base there. As of 2011, LVIS has been reorganized into Multinix Data Services (MDS), a nationwide group of 4 datacenters providing secure colocation. Jacob Troyer is now COO of MDS and can be contacted for further information.

Contact: Multinix Data Services (website)
Interweb Illinois
No Longer Operational

IWI continued briefly after the dissolution of the Six Pack Companies, but ceased to operate in November of 2009 with the retirement of Robert L. Francis. IWI's datacenter and equipment in Naperville were sold to Akamai and integrated into their regional infrastructure. A small portion was retained to support existing customers and now operates as part of LVIS. Unfortunately, the lifeblood of IWI, Robert L. Francis passed away in 2011. The former Six Pack Companies have provided a tribute in his memory.

More Details: Robert L. Francis Tribute (website)
Del Mar BeachNet
No Longer Operational

Del Mar BeachNet ceased operations with the dissolution of the Six Pack Companies on August 10th, 2009. Support for legacy customers was maintained in a transition period through the rest of 2009. The equipment and office space for DelMar BeachNet has been retained as the network infrastructure for Six Pack Designs. The BeachNet portion of WIRE was sold to the new 2 Fat Chicks Internet.

Contact: None
2 Fat Chicks Internet

2 Fat Chicks Internet was reacquired by Helena Kapapoulos after the dissolution of the Six Pack Companies. Helena has returned to Denver and maintains 2 Fat Chicks as a slightly smaller but heavily customer focused consultancy. Alexis Kittman has retired to full-time motherhood in Aspen and is no longer involved in the operations. 2 Fat Chicks still maintains Denver and Escondido facilities for cloud-based SaaS and IaaS offerings. Contact Helena for more details.

Contact: 2 Fat Chicks Internet (website)