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Bob Francis (1998) Welcome to the home page of Robert L. Francis. In my current life, I'm the owner and president of InterWeb Illinois, one of the Six Pack Companies. I live in Naperville, IL and have lived almost exclusively in the Chicagoland area since my birth in February of 1924. At 76, I believe I'm one of the oldest owners of any Internet Service Provider, as well as the only World War II veteran to do so.

In interest of keeping this page brief and readable, I have included below a list of links to other pages that detail some interesting times in my years on this earth. Feel free to browse as you see fit.

Also, visit the pages of some of my management team at the Six Pack Companies:
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    Only in today's America can a man who evaded the Vietnam draft by using Daddy's influence to gain a National Guard appointment cast doubt on the experiences of a man shot down in combat and held captive for 5 years.
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